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him. peter doocy is following this part of the story for us and joins us live from washington with more. peter? >> reporter: heather, they're. the fbi got a request from a foreign government at the beginning of 2011 to track down tamerlan tsarnaev because this foreign government suspected he might have extremist ties. so the fbi took advantage of massive u.s. databases to look for evidence in phone logs, internet records. they searched for known associates, even interviewed tamerlan and some family members of his, although we aren't sure which ones. after all that, they found no evidence of terrorist activity, either here or abroad. so they let him go and closed the case and now experts are explaining how he might have been able to fly below the radar and avoid suspicion for so long. >> but now what you're seeing is people with american citizenship or american student visas and they're able to move freely in the united states. they may or may not have training. but they're so -- it's so easy to do this. you can do it literally from the stuff in your mom's kitchen. >> tamerlan
and the fbi did, in fact, interview the family and him and look into his background. peter doocy is following that story in washington. what did the fbi do back then? >> heather, the fbi says they spoke to suspect number two, tamerlan tsarnaev two years ago at the request of a foreign government who thought he might have possible extremist ties. the fbi combed through databases looking at phone calls, internet activity, travel history, known associates. they also say they did interview tamerlan and some family members, although at this point we don't know which ones and after all that, they found nothing. at the beginning of 2011, he was clean. no evidence of terror activity, foreign or domestic. so case closed. although the fbi did tell this foreign government who reached out that if any further concerns came up, check back in and they would circle back with this amateur boxer in boston. but this foreign government never did check back in. although we have interesting information to fill in some of the gaps between the time the fbi cleared tamerlan two years ago and the time he allegedly bom
to law americas. peter doocy is live with details. >> there's a group called special operation beat it has signatures from over 700 retired special operators on the brand new letter calling for congress to put together a special committee that would investigate the september 11th terrorist attack on the u.s. conflict the benghazi libya that left four americans dead. they wrote in the letter we know from first hand experience from planning and executing missions and responding to terror attacks there are numerous serious conditions left seriously unanswered they do their duty and put together a committee with the power to put together a committee why it has been confiscated from the president and dominions. both sides of the aisle promised to do a report that provide some answers about the breakdown in intelligence and security that led to the attack. >> we need this to be a faculty based approach and we are finding there are anomalies that have to be addressed. >> what we need to do is bring closure to it. you have to find out how it happened, why it happened and make sure it didn't
will talk about that wh peter doocy in washington. peter? >> reporter: jamie, they let him go, the fbi let him go two years ago because they didn't find anything to back up claims by a foreign government that this aspiring boxer had extremist ties. so the fbi closed the case. this all happened in the beginning of 2011, a little more than two years ago. the fbi loo through u.s. government databases for derogatory phone calls or online omotion of any activity. his travel history and education. the fbi was looking because an unnamed foreign government said they were having suspicions tamerian tsarnaev might have extremist ties. but the fbi found nothing. so they closed the case. then they apparently told this unnamed foreign government about the lackf extremist information that came in -- came up in their search. and they told this government that if they had any more concerns about thisan, tamerian tsarnaev, suspect number 1 or the man in the black hat, they should call bak, tell the fbi again. and the fbi would look again. but the foreign government, initially concerned 2 years ago about po
a bill to end faa furloughs. the house is expected to vote as well. peter doocy is live with more. good morning, peter. >> good morning, patti ann. what happened last night was a rarity. the u.s. senate passed an important bill without a roll-call vote. all 100 senators approved it. as far as we could tell there was no drama on the senate there are floor in the 8:00 hour. if the bill could pass the house at some point the faa's hands will be untied. they will be able to free up 253 million from other less essential parts of the budget and redirect it for fully staffing air traffic controllers including at small airports until the end of the fiscal year september 30th. >> i am delighted the senate just passed a bipartisan bill to resolve a serious problem confronting the american traveling public and our economy. >>> but this bill doesn't turn off sequestration. it just makes life a little easier for air travelers who saw at least 863 flights delayed on wednesday because of budget related staffing problems. what is interesting is the white house has issued a statement highly critical of
poison ri ricin was sent to a u.s. senator. peter doocy is outside of the senate mail facility. good morning, peter. >> good morning patti ann. the suspect levtter never made t to roger whittaker's office. the building behind me tested positive for ricin poison. advanced testing is being done to determine if the substance in question is the deadly ricin poison for which there is no antidote. it was not outwardly suspicious. it was most parked in memphis, tennessee and had no return address. as for a motive we don't know anything. as for a suspect claire mccastle from missouri says authorities have a person in mind and that it is a person who sent a lot of letters to law americas. but we don't know who that person is. we don't really have any other specific information just that mail service to the u.s. senate has been stopped and some senators are concerned. >> it is not just members concerned but a lot of staff, that's a big concern obviously for all of us. we are very anxious to get the details. >> senator wicker who was the recipient of this letter said this matter is part of an o
. peter doocy is live from washington with more. >> the most recent day we have flight data for is tuesday with 975 flights were delayed by the weather and other factors nobody can control. that same day more than 1,025 flight delays were because of flight sequestration. now they are accusing the faa from turning it into law into a 10 percent cut of controllers so people peel the -- feel the pain. >> the imperial attitude on the part of the administration and you are the most recent example of that imperialism. if is disgusting. >> we have been talking about general impacts. >> they know about general impacts. >> reduction of controller hours of 10 percent. >> you didn't tell them which air force which airlines? >> we told them major impacts at major hub facilities. >> la te da everybody knew that. >> ray lahood warned during a white house briefing sequestration could lead to 90 minute flight delays at major airports. that finally seems to be happening this week. the faa admin traitor is defending their sequestration strategy. >> to get to the numbers we need to get to what we have cut qui
or are preparing to do so a combination of both. just so they can speak to congress. peter doocy is live from washington. what are the allegations here? this is a real bombshell. >> it is. what we are hearing from a special operator with intimate knowledge of what happened in benghazi september 11th, 2012, a c 1 aircraft on a training mission could have intervened within 4-6 hours of the initial attack and lives could have been saved but the order to send that plane was never given. >> they would have been there before the second attack. they would have been there at a minimal to provide quick reaction to facilitate their exit out of the problem situation. nobody knew how it was going to develop. you hear advisors we were to send them there because the security was unknown situation. >> this source comes to us as four cia officials have obtained a lawyer a former justice department official herself one of the lawyers. she was republican council for senate intelligence committee. she is saying her client and others are scared of retribution by the government if they talk to congress. >> i am n
until tomorrow. peter doocy is live in washington. no big lines with the furlough but what's the deal with the typo. >> faa suspended all of the employees in place but things are back to normal at least normal as of two weeks ago. 13,000 air kroer controllers whe furloughed the piece of paper the legislation that puts them back in towers has typos on it. so president obama won't sign it. he still hasn't signed it. with the saga over for now republicans are already saying it was an unnecessary waist of air traveler's time. >> from the get go the federal aviation association could have implemented the sequester without this tyned kind of paine travelers. they could have made sure controls were in place where they were most needed. >> they say any blame rests on the shoulders of congress. >> you could have thrown in members of congress on the flights homeless. the delays are a problem for not just business travelers and members of congress, but for many in america. that is a real negative consequence. >> as you heard earlier later on today president obama is expected to make a change top
of age and over. that is just the tip of the iceberg. peter doocy is live in washington. peter, why is it so much harder for young people it find jobs than anybody else? >> reporter: we asked some recent college graduates who are still without work. one 23-year-old named evan mccann who graduated from iowa state with a degree in finance four months ago, said he only received replys from a handful of 135 or so applications he submitted on linkedin. but employers who do write back are telling him that his resume' is just too short. >> but a lot of them just say they're looking for people with more experience. these are entry level positions. you think, recent college graduate, you know, this would be kind of right up my alley. >> reporter: right now only 54 1/2% of young people in this country are working, which is down from the start of recession in 2007 when almost 60% were working and, when young people have no jobs, and no money it impacts everyone. >> you're saying to this generation, you're going to be years behind where you should be. and that forces young people to delay getti
. peter doocy is live at the white house with more. and, peter, what's it going to take for the white house to say in fact assad has crossed the red line that president obama declared? >> reporter: gregg, the white house says they want to be 100% sure that this sarin gas they are now confident the syrian government has used was definitely deployed by president assad or by someone in his command and a white house official is telling us any chemical weapons used in syria was very likely originated with the assad regime but that the intelligence so far is based on a mosaic of information. so they want to prove the chain of custody before taking any further action and here's why. a white house official says given our own history with intelligence assessments including intelligence assessments related to weapons of mass destruction it's very important that we are able to establish this with certainty and we're able to present information that is airtight in a public and credible fashion to underpin all of our decisio decision-making. we know that president obama has now ordered his staff t
taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. peter doocy is live for us in washington with more on this. peter, how did this quid pro quo develop? >> reporter: heather, the short version he of the story is based on a new 67-page long joint congressional report titled how assistant attorney general thomas perez manipulated justice and ignored the rule of law. president obama's labor secretary are i nominee, told the mayor of st. paul, minnesota, christopher coleman, back in 2012, that the justice department would stay out of whistle-blower cases brought against the city if the city of st. paul would drop a supreme court appeal that was pending at the time. this report was put together by republican senator chuck grassley and republican congressman bob goodlatte and part of it says, quote, the agreement struck between assistant attorney general perez and mayor coleman at that closed-door meeting resulted not only in the withdrawal of the appeal but also the fatal weakening of a whistle-blower lawsuit potentially worth $200 million to the federal treasury. so, this report paints a picture that th
, it is called ricin. peter doocy is live outside the senate mail facility in high yatsville, maryland. peter do we know where the letter came from? >> reporter: the postmark says memphis, tennessee. there was no return address and we're told there is no other suspicious parkings on the envelope. democratic senator, claire mccaskill, says authorities think that a man who sends a lot of letters to lawmakers may have sent this but we don't know the person's identity. fbi said initial testing was inconsistent. they have a accredited lab to confirm the presence of ricin. we should have the results 24 to 48 hours. ricin can be deadly and there is no antidote. house sergeant of arms sent out a note to house offices on the hill. we need to remain attentive handling mail and recognizing suspicious items and knowing what immediate actions to employ if faced with suspicious mail in the office. but a spokes man for the minority leader in senate, mitch mcconnell, says in this case it appears the protective measures worked, because, heather, the letter only made it to this building, 15 minutes, 20 minutes ou
'v. and there are a number of stories about the jobs that are created and peter doocy has it live in washington. >> reporter: megyn, the lower wage jobs are created two and a half times than the mid wage or higher wage jobs. lower wage jobs only made up 21% of losses during the recession and are now responsible for 58% of recovery growth according to the national employment project. and we've also got a list that shows specifically which low wage jobs are being created and it shows right now a 47% increase in food prep workers, over the last decade. the 24% increase in customer service he rerepresents. 15% more secretaries and 12% more waiters and have also been gains in retail sales positions and janitors, and since the higher wage jobs are so much harder to come by, the low wage positions are filled by college graduates. >> college grads, grads of all kinds are facing stiff competition from not only older workers, but from people who have come out the last several years of a very tough job market and they're clogging up the space. so, college grads, a lot of them are coming out to take jobs just to make
doesn't want it to be misinterpreted and intentions. and peter doocy will have a live report in washington in a minutes. and naming the victims of the 9/11 tragedy, u.s.s. arlington for the county where the pentagon is located. 200 pounds of steel from the 9/11 wreckage is on board the ship as well as 184 stars for each of the victims who died. and two other navy ship, u.s.s. new york, and u.s.s. summ somerset for them. >> clayton: did you stay up and see the ncaa. the first ten minutes. the ncaa final, michigan wolverines surviving a late game rally from syracuse, hold on 61-56 and with injured player kevin ware, an emotional game, they were behind, louisville rallied to beat wichita state. 72-68. and you bet kevin wished he could play in that game and he was out with the fractured leg and everyone crazy this week and sets up the final match tomorrow, louisville takes on michigan for the national championship game. louisville and michigan, number one seed against the number four seed. >> alisyn: i did watch it. i watched that game because there were ribs, barbecue ribs and t
. peter doocy is reporting from washington. >> the white house wants enforceable background checks for anyone buying a gun, but the man enlisted by the nra to help beef of school security, with those calls the president is taking the debate in the wrong direction. that man a former republican congressman also defended a proposal to put armed guards in school. >> it's not about arming teachers. teachers should teach. it's really about providing armed officers first and then secondly if that is not available to have an armed school staff that is trained and selected. >> reporter: but the white house is standing its ground and accusing republicans of blocking meaningful reform. >> when the president gave a state of the union, all applauded when there was an up and town vote. when the newtown families are not there, politics is the only reason this stuff won't get done. >> reporter: gabrielle giffords wrote about the gun show loophole today. we know how to fix it by blirg a universal background system but some of our elected officials are not listening. one influential senator said, ba
is wrapping up his trip to asia in that country. peter doocy is standing by with some of today's top stories. after a meeting with secretary kerry, japan's foreign minister said they cannot allow north korea to get nuclay weapons. china also pledged to work with the u.s. a new search could lead to a break in the murder of the texas district attorney, his wife and another prosecutor. police are searching several storage units, belonging to eric williams, who is convicted of theft last year. williams under arrest on charges unrelated to the murder. venezuela is heading to the polls to lact the first new president in 14 years. hugo chavez' hand-picked successor is on the ballot. tied for the lead, heading into final round in the masters. >> tiger had that two-stroke penalty for breaking the rules, unwittingly, having a great season. i wouldn't rule it out. >> it will be interesting because a lot of people think he should have withdrawn since he was really only able to stay in on a technicality. >> yeah. maybe he will make that comeback. a group in houston, texas, is giving free shotguns tole in
with differing views getting out ahead of the president, hitting the airwaves today. peter doocy with the news from washington. >> the white house was an enforceable background check from anybody buying from a store, a show or a neighbor. but they said today with the calls for stronger background checks, the president is taking the debate in the wrong direction and that man, ais a hutchinson, a former congressman, defended proposals to put armed guards in schools. it's not about arming children, teachers should teach and others protect. it's about providing armed officers first and then secondly, if that's not available, to have an armed school staff that's trained and selected. but the white house is standing its ground and accusing the republicans of blocking meaningful reform. >> when the president gave the state of the union and newtown families were there, all the republicans stood up and applauded. as the president said politics is the only reason this stuff won't get done. congresswoman gabrielle giffords wrote about the gun show loophole. some of our elected officials are not listening
for four. hitting the airwaves. peter doocy has more. >> they want multiple background checks from any one buying a gun from a gun store or from a neighbor. they say with the calls for stronger background checks the president is taking the debate in the wrong direction. that man hutchinson a former republican congressman defended proposals to put armed guards in schools. >> it is not about arming teachers. teachers should teach and others should protect is about providing armed officers first and secondly if that is not available to have an armed school staff what is trained. >> they are fusing republicans from blocking -- everybody wassy lent when tftz an or down vote. politics is the only reason it won't get done. >> 20-11 fascination attempt wrote about the gun show loophole today. we know how to fix it make a universal. one influential background check. they deserve is debate. i say senate should defend on how they are carried out. >>> a murdered navy seals effort to promote gun safety moves on. chris kyle was in the process of organizing a concealed weapons course when he and his frie
urgeent terms. peter doocy looks at the delicate issue of guns in the schools . >> at 14 of their classmates wounded on tuesday, many lone star community students hid out in classrooms and one would have fought back if he was armed. >> i wish we could protect ourselves with guns and stuff. we are legal adults. >> texas is one of 22 states where carrying a conceal would weapon on a college campus is banned. 22 others let the school decide and virginia's liberty university updated their policy to let lawful citizen carry weapons in all buildings except the dorms. >> our students feel safer and those who want to cause harm will know this is a campus with people and have the ability to defend themselves. >> the campaign to keep gups off campus argue that arming students will not deter the rare campus students and academic debate can not flourish in a world of gun. there is new technology and sending alerts by text and tweet. >> with the aderances in technology and what we learn and practice and by the pro active and not reactive. everybody is safer. >> alerts that are sent to
by the gang of eight plan, but needs to read it before he can support it. harris. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. it is a girl. jenna bush hager giving birth to the first grandchild to former president bush and laura bush. laura and i are proud to announce the birth, and she was named for her grandmother. she was born in new york city. we met our beautiful granddaughter today. jenna and mila are healthy and our family is elated, end quote. congratulations to the bush and the haggar family. >> harris: right now, the poll closed in a key presidential election south of our border. millions of people turning out to vote six weeks after the death of venezuelan president hugo chavez. he painted the united states as evil, called the former president the devil, all while selling our country billions of dollars worth of oil. now his hand picked successor on the ballot. what the outcome could mean for all of us in measuring. . and a hollywood a-lister confronted by a stalker, up close and personal at the gym. also, a dramatic rescue. sailors in trouble miles off shore with nowhere to
other senators before. >>steve: peter doocy is outside washington, d.c. >> the building behind me is where the field test was done on a piece of mail sent to republican senator roger wicker that came back positive for ric i n poison. we're told the letter was postmarked memphis, tennessee, had no return address but was otherwise not outwardly suspicious. and the f.b.i. says right now more advanced testing is being done at an acredited facility to confirm the letter did contain ric i n. the cdc says it would take a deliberate act to make ricin and poison people. it has no antidote and some senators are on edge. >> it goes to a lot of staff. that's a big concern obviously for all of us. we're very anxious to get more details. >> senators on capitol hill were briefed about this letter last night and senator claire mack cass skill says authorities have a suspect in mind and it is a person who sends lawmakers a lot of letters. the lawmaker whose name is on this letter, senator roger wicker, republican from mississippi, says this matter is an ongoing investigation by the f.b.i. i want t
for years to come. peter doocy has more from washington. peter, explain why the lack of jobs for young people hurts workers of all ages? >> reporter: gregg, it hurts young people because they get a late start on adulthood. no job means no money to buy things and that is what hurts everyone. >> you're saying to this generation, you're going to be years behind where you should be and that forces young people to delay getting married. delay buying a house. delay buying a car. and, as we know, those are some big drivers of the economy. >> reporter: right now the unemployment rate for 16 to 24-year-olds, 16.2%. it is more than double the overall 7.7% rate. i spoke this week with evan mccann who graduated from iowa state four months ago. he wakes up 7:30 in the morn every day to send out resume's. 500 applications submitted on linkedin. zero job offers. only a fraction of employers write him back and ones he do he lacks experience. >> a lot of them say they're looking for people with more experience. entry level positions. recent college graduate, you know, this would be, kind of right up my
,000 to the highest level since late november. tonight, correspondent peter doocy tells us not even the highly educated are safe from unemployment. >> i had five applications i was looking at today. and four of them were -- had master's degrees. >> the stack of resumes on john findlay's desk at crystal city's sports pub in northern virginia is impressive but it's not "newsweek." because 13.4 million college graduates now work for hourly pay which is 19% higher than six years ago. in fact, last year, 284,000 college graduates worked for minimum wage and 37,000 of them had advanced degrees. facing stiffrads, grads of competition from not only older workers. people that have come out in tough job markets and they are clogging up the space. college grads, a lot of them are coming out and having to take jobs just to make sure they can make ends meet. >> 60% of jobs lost during the recession were considered mid wage but during the recovery, an almost identical percentage, 58% of new jobs have been low wage. the low wage openings that have increased over the last decade include food prep workers, cus
wicker tests positive for the potentially fatal substance ricin. peter doocy is live outside the senate mail facility in hyattsville, maryland where the letter was intercepted. what is the latest, peter? report report jon, the latest, and this is brand new, there are two letters. one was sent to u.s. senator roger wicker and the other was sent to president barack obama. they both can takened powdery substances. we're learning this from an fbi operations bulletin that went out we exclusively obtained. the it confirms both letters were sent from memphis, tennessee on april 8th. they contained the following message. to see iran and not expose it to become a silent partner to its continuance. both letters were signed, i am kc and i approved this message. the initial tests on the wicker letter were positive for ricin. we don't know what any test results were on the obama letter. both letters were intercepted before they reached their intended address, the u.s. capitol building and the white house. moments ago, senator minority leader mitch mcconnell says that means that security systems that
. republicans are blasting the deal he made to get rid of a case that was headed for the supreme court. peter doocy is live in washington with more. >> reporter: there is a brand-new joint congressional rao report that is accusing assistant general tom perez of flying to minnesota on february 12th of last year to make a secret deal with st. paul's mayor that is described dozens of times in the report as quid proceed could he. the department of justice would stay out of a whistle-blower lawsuit filed against the city of st. paul if the city would withdraw an appeal that was part of a supreme court case that perez thought threatened civil rights. he was in minnesota on february 12th last year. six days later the doj says they will not intervene in the whistle-blower case. one day after that the city of st. paul dropped their supreme court appeal. this report says, quote the agreement struck between assistant attorney perez and the mayor at that closed door meeting resulted not only in the withdrawal of the appeal but also the fatal weakening of a whistle-blower lawsuit potentially worth $200 mi
recession were middle class jobs. peter doocy is on that live in washington. peter, good morning. those middle class jobs, are they coming back or not? >> reporter: bill, those mid-wage occupations have only made up a fraction, 22% of recovery growth but 58% has been with lower wage jobs. if you add up all the jobs have come back in food services and retail and ememployment services, you get 1.7 million jobs. that is where 43% of net employment growth during the recovery has been. that is according to the national employment law project. you look at the largest percentage growth in those fields over the last 10 full years, there are 47.2% more food prep workers now than there were in 2002. 24% more customer service reps. almost 18 percent more registered nurses. 16% more secretaries and 12% more waiters. there are more folks working retail counters and earning more paychecks as janitors. most of the higher paying fields are not growing or haven't made up all the losses they saw during the recession. bill: who is filling these lower-wage jobs, peter? >> reporter: bill a lot of people wit
're a dog family. >> a new warning about north scprea what it may be planning next. peter doocy has some of today's top stories. >> south korean officials say they believe north korea may be planning another missile test or an offensive action. this comes as the associated press reports that chuck hagel is delaying an intercontinental missile test next week, planned in california, over concern its will make the situation worse. a turn in the firing of rutgers basketball coach, mike rice. the new york times reports that the former assistant coach who leaked the controversial video is under investigation himself. the paper says the fbi is looking into claims that he tried to extort money from the university last year. washington state governor jay insley got a firsthand look at the damage of a land ls slide, factories are trying to determine if the area is stable enough for people to return home. he says that it's amazing there was no loss of life. after a thrilling night of college basketball, there are just two team its left in the ncaa tournament. michigan beat syracuse by 7 points to s
close to a deal? peter doocy reporting from washington. >> illegal immigrants are enjoying a policy that marco rubio described today as de facto amnesty and if they want to stay they need to pay fines and get jobs. >> amnesty is anything that says do it illegally. it will be cleanup cheaper and easier. under the existing law, if you are illegally in the united states you are motd prohibited from getting a green card. the only thing you have to go back to your home country and wait ten years and then you can apply for it. iel we're saying we're going to create an alternative. >> another member of the gang of eight it will be public next week. >> all the disagreements are resolved and i expect the eight 6 us will introduce a bill on tuesday. >> reporter: outside some think the colleagues are on the wrong track. >> we need to ask how this new flow of workers is going to be double the current flow of legal workers in the future in addition to those that will be legalize. >> reporter: border security is critical to immigration success. senator durbin says stopping 90% of the illegal bord
could be a key factor. check in with peter doocy to see what's coming up. >>> we are joined by police commissioner ray kel leap and former police commissioner for boston los angeles and new york as well. >> also donald trump former attorney general alberto gonzalez and lindsay graham. we have more right here on your channel for news. ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human, ♪ and even stoitself if it h to. ♪ the technology may be hard to imagine. but why you would want it... is not. the 2014 e-class. it doesn't just see the future. it is the future. it doesn't just see the future. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >> 9 minutes till the tonight of houfrment an aspirin a day might keep breast cancer away? the pain-killer limits the creation of cells and reduces the growth of t
abiding citizens to carry on college ground. jenna. jenna: peter doocy thank you. rick: a fox news report is back in court again today. jana winter faces up to six months in jail. she is refusing to name the source of who tipped her off about a notebook that belonged to the aurora movie killer james holmes outlining plans to kill people. there is a state law that protects journalists from this. alicia acuna is live with more. >> reporter: jana winter is required to be in court but the judge in the case says she will not be taking the stand just yet. she has to sit there as a detective testifies about whether he discussed the notebook with anyone else. the judge and james holmes defense team want to know if someone in law enforcement violated the gag order by leaking information to winter, whether winter is compelled to testify heupbls on whether that -- hinges on whether that notebook is entered as evidence. if she does it would be extremely rare. >> the court has made clear that there is an even higher bar in cases like this where the reporter is a third party, a witness, not a defendant
almost tripled from $346 billion in 2004 to $966 billion in 2012. that's not counting all the money peter doocy owes. starting july 1, some students will pay an extra $1,000 a year in interest for those loans. peter johnson, jr. has a problem with that. what's your problem? >> die have a problem. this is our future. my friend used to say, children are our future. so now we're going to jump the interest rate from 3.4% to 6.8%, up to 60% of college age americans get these loans. so they're going to get out of college and face this staggering burden, the debt that students owe in this country and former students is greater than the credit card debt. so are we going to go -- in fact, there is a study. by 2018, we'll be short about 3 million college educated americans in this country. so this program began as part of the defense and space race with russia, the soviet union. we said, we've got to better educate our students. so we subsidized crony capitalism and all these idiot energy companies and the president's friends. is he subsidize all these programs for people who don't want to work, so
's 1988. >> brian: wow. that's peter doocy. >> gretchen: very cute. >> steve: i still have those glasses and the hair. >> brian: very attractive family. peter would get bigger. >> gretchen: much taller. let's bring in donald trump now, the author of "time to get tough." happy belated easter to you. >> happy easter to you. >> gretchen: thanks so much. let's talk a little bit about capitol hill coming together. say it isn't so. labor and big business agreeing apparently on a key part of the immigration reform bill. the final deal still faces hurdles and so is this guest worker program, in your mind a good idea? >> well, the republicans are just absolutely rushing to do what they can to get out of the box they're in. they're in somewhat of a box or maybe they're not. but they think they are and they're going to make it possible for 11 million or 12 million illegals to become citizens and i always warn them and tell them and they ask for my opinion, every single one of those 12 million people will be voting against the republicans. so you have to look at it and we want to do the right thing
videos. >> peter doocy will join us live with the latest on the moving story. what is going on? >> tucker, secretary of state john kerry says the focus now should not be on war with north korea but rather peace with them. he says he thinks there is a chance for peaceful solution through diplomacy but he condemned the harsh rhetoric and said the north korea threats and provocations will only further isolate the country and impoverish the people. he made clear if they are beating the drum of war the united states will don't protect the interest with force. >> the united states will do what is necessary to defend the allies, japan, republic of korea and the region against the provocations. our choice is to negotiate. move to table to find a region to have peace. >> so the headline is about peace. this is one of miles per hour destruction. the animation shows missiles from north korea to fly several thousand miles east. striking three targets on the mainland a one to sea in the pacific ocean. resulting in fiery explosion. secretary kerry and japanese foreign minister made clear they are on th
of documents. >>> peert doocy live. tharem you, peter. >> now the midwest bracing for even more flooding. maria molina is on top of it. she has today's forecast. >> good morning again. good to see you patti ann and ureather. we are looking at more flooding across sections of the bhisd. this started last week from 7 to 8 inches of rain out here in places like michigan, indiana, parts of illinois. that in itself cost ficooding. we are seeing river flooding very widespread in states like indiana and illinois. that's why we have flood warnings. unfortunately today not helping the situation is a brand new storm system rolling through the area producing 1-2 inches of rainfall. that in itself wouldn't cause flooding but because we have a ground saturated we would see more issues. as the water continues to flow downstream we could be seeing issues aphoss states lie re arkansas and even mississippi. temperatures today patti ann and heatherughtery chilly in minneapolis in the 40s. in new york city much warmer today 67 degrees. >> nice. i like that. >> it is time totrentertain thi. beyonce releasing brand
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